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Which is the most fascinating?

I have travelled extensively in the Ontario North, flying into places where settlement never happened, paddling rivers through primeval forests where the fish are huge simply because it is too hard for fishermen to visit.  Opportunities to visit places we read about in history books form the room in the Alhambra  where Columbus met Queen Isabella to Sterling, the site of Wallace’s great victory over Edward,  the so called “Hammer of the Scots”. (He should have used a bigger hammer, we are still alive and kicking.)

When the opportunity to participate in a building project in Lesotho came up my wife and I went twice.  The project at Rachel’s Home touched our hearts deeply. Our African travels will always hold a special place in our hearts.

As with all immigrants, I live life with a foot in two worlds, I am where I came from and I am a Canadian.  Nothing I can do about it so when I finally was able to visit Scotland it was a very spiritual experience.

Travel in North America is its own experience, just pack the car and go so most of the places I have seen are a day or two;s drive from home. I still have to see the west and I have always dreamed of visiting eastern Canada, especially New Scotland (Nova Scotia).

One cold January day I walked into a travel agent and told her to “send me somewhere warm”. The Dominican Republic met the budget. I will someday to get fed up with the cold again – let’s see where that takes us ... The world is a big place - where do I go next?


From ancient civilizations to a week in the bush

The love of truth

lies at the root

of much humour

– Robertson Davies